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You've heard of affirmative phrases and positive thoughts as in The Secret and laws of attraction.  Now, there are Switchwords. Introducing Switchword Magic, Switchword Magic is mental magic.  It's one-word affirmations that use the law of attraction and the power of the subconscious mind to manifest everything you want in life.


Thoughts create reality while consciousness shapes reality.


There are no limitations to the Universe.  There are no limitations to ourselves.  The only limitations that exist are those we accept.  When we dissolve the chains of thought, we dissolve the chains of our limitations.


Now there is no need to remember long sentenced affirmations.  One word opens your subconscious mind to allow the Universe to bring forth your every desire, every need, every wish come true.


Try it out for yourself and watch the doors of opportunity open.  Live your best life yet with Switchword Magic.









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